Anti-Rabies Vaccine

FRONTLINE SERVICE        :         Provision of Anti-Rabies Vaccine
ABOUT THE SERVICE      : The Municipal Health Office provides anti-rabies vaccines for patients diagnosed of contracting rabies. The office provides free anti-rabies Vaccine for the first (1st) dose.
Service Schedule                    :            Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
Fess to be Paid                      : 1st dose free of charge, succeeding dose to be shouldered by the      


The Client Shall

The Service Provider Shall

Duration of Activity

Name of Service Provider


Approach the health personnel concerned and give information about the incident

Interview patient

10 minutes

Ms. Dona Conche
Ms. Claire Tagle


Present self for anti-rabies injection

Test the patient for possible allergic reaction

30 minutes

Dr. Victoria S. Llacuna




Inject the patient if the result of the test is negative

5 minutes

Dr. Victoria S. Llacuna


Take note of the succeeding schedule of injection

Advise the patient on the schedules of succeeding dates of vaccination

10 minutes

Dr. Victoria S. Llacuna