FRONTLINE SERVICE        :         Provision of Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs
ABOUT THE SERVICE      :             The Department of Health through the Municipal Health Office has an anti-tuberculosis program in the Directly Observed Treatment Short Courses Chemotherapy (DOTS) Center at the Dingras Rural Health Unit. The purpose is to identify and treat patients with tuberculosis (TB).

Service Schedule                   : Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

Requirements                         :  None

Fees                                            :  Free of Charge


The Client Shall

The Service Provider Shall

Duration of Activity

Name of Service Provider


Ask for the requirements for the availment of free Anti-TB Drugs

Inform the patient of the required laboratory examinations to be undertaken such as x-ray & sputum examinations

3 minutes

Midwife on duty



Give instruction on the proper collection of the specimen

2 minutes

Midwife on duty


Submit sputum

Receive the specimen

2 minutes

Midwife on duty


Submit it to the trained Microscopist.

5 minutes

Midwife on duty


Examine the Sputum

30 minutes

Trained Microscopist on duty


Refer results to the Rural Health Physician

2 minutes


Review and confirm the results

10 minutes

Dr. Victoria Llacuna


If result is positive:

  1. Assess the patient, if eligible as National Tuberculosis Program (NTO) Beneficiary

  2. If eligible, enrolls patient and issue NTP identification card

  3. Give patient info-education

30 minutes

TB Coordinator or Midwife on duty


Receive Anti-TB drugs

Issue anti-TB drugs


Nurse or Midwife on duty