Business Licensing



FRONTLINE SERVICE   :   Business Licensing / Mayor’s Permit to Operate Business

Any person, who shall establish, operate or conduct any business, trade or activity shall first obtain a Mayor’s Permit and pay corresponding fees.


1. Application Form (duly accomplished)
2.  Community Tax Certificate
3.  Barangay clearance
4.  Police Clearance
5.  Mayor’s Clearance
6.  Fire Clearance
7.  Health Certificate
8.  Sanitary Permit
9.  BIR Clearance
10.  SSS Clearance
11. PhilHealth Clearance
12. DTI Registration


1. Barangay Permit for Videoke/billiard/pool table
2. Zoning Clearance for Rice Mill (if new)/ Poultry and Piggery Farm
3. FPA permits for Agricultural Supply with pesticides and fertilizers
4. BFAD Permit & License of Pharmacist for Drugstore (if new)
5. BFAD Permit for Manufacturers (i.e. bottled water/drinks)
6. Bacteriological Test & Operational Permit (from DOH) for water refilling station
7. Registration from Central Bank for Pawnshops/Banks/Lending Institutions/Money Remittances ( if new) 
8. Fire inspection report for LPG outlet
9. License of Embalmer for Funeral Parlor (if new)
10. License from NTC for TV Cable/Cell phone dealers
11. CDA Registration for Cooperatives
12. SEC Registration and constitution & by-laws for partnership and corporations
13. ECC and Permit from the Dept. of Energy for Gasoline Station
14. POEA registration for Recruitment Agency

Service Schedule  :  Monday to Friday  08:00 AM – 12:00 PM,  01:00 PM - 05:00 PM



the Client Shall

The Service Provider Shall

Duration of Activity

Name of Service Provider


Secure application form

Provide application form

3 mins

Julieta S. Valencia


Submit duly accomplished application form and supporting documents (1st 3 of the basic documents)

Receive and check the completeness of all the requirements and advise the client to pay the fee if request is approved

3 mins

Julieta S. Valencia

Conduct ocular inspection for new establishments to confirm the capital investment declared by the applicant

30 mins or depends on the location

Melchora Maranan


Secure assessment by the Office of the Municipal Treasurer





Melchora Maranan


Secure Tax Order of Payment

Prepare and release the Tax Order of Payment and advise the client to proceed to the Treasury Office

5 mins

Julieta S. Valencia


Pay Corresponding fees and taxes at the MTO

Issue Official receipt

5 mins



Procure  various Clearances

Issue required documents and clearances with official receipts



Concerned providers


Submit approved application and required documents

Receive and check the completeness of the approved application and required documents, record OR No. and prepare the permit

5 mins

Julieta S. Valencia

Evaluate the documents submitted

3 mins

Julieta S. Valencia

Sign the Permit

5 mins

Erdio E. Valenzuela
Municipal Mayor


Receive the permit

Release the permit

2 mins

Julieta S. Valencia