Petition for Change of First Name


OFFICE/DEPARTMENT  :   Office of the Municipal Local Registrar

FRONTLINE SERVICE    :   Granting of Petition for Change of First Name and
                                          Correction of Clerical Error under RA No. 9048

ABOUT THE SERVICE  : This service intends to enable the Change of the First Name of the client when the registered name in the Birth Certificate is ridiculous, tainted with dishonor, extremely difficult to write or pronounce.


1.Document (Birth, Marriage, Death) that is subject for change Or correction.
Change of First Name (CFN)

Basic Requirements 

1.NBI Clearance
2.Police Clearance
3.Certificate of Employment/Affidavit of Non-Employment

Additional Requirements  

4.Baptismal Certificate/Certificate of Non-Employment
5.School Records
6.Voter Registration Record
7.Marriage Certificate (If applicable)
8.Medical record
9.Civil Registry of Ascendants
10.Bank Passbook
11.  Passport
12.Any Valid Identification Card
13.Any other document indicating the true and official name
Correction of Clerical error (CCE)
- All available official documents similar to the requirements for the change of name except for the NBI and Police Clearance

Fees to be Paid  :  Php 3, 000.00 RA 9048 (Change of First Name)               
Php 1, 000.00 RA 9048 (Correction of Clerical Error)

Service Schedule  : Monday to Friday ( 8:00 am to 12:00 hn, 01:00 pm to 05:00 pm)



The Client Shall

The Service Provider Shall

Duration of Activity

Name of Service Provider


Submit documents to be corrected including requirements

Receive and evaluate documents

20 mins

Maria Teresa P. Aprecio






Refer the Petition to the CCR for final approval

5 mins

Eliza B. Atienza
Local Civil Registrar


Pay the filing fee at the Treasurer’s Office

Issue Official Receipt

5 mins



Submit the OR

Receive OR and prepare Notice of Posting


Eliza B. Atienza
Local Civil Registrar


Let the petition for CFN be published for two (2) consecutive weeks

Publish the petition for CFN

2 weeks

Any publication office

w/ in the province


Submit the Affidavit of Publication

Receive the affidavit of publication and grant/deny the petition then forward same to NSO for approval

20 mins

Eliza B. Atienza
Local Civil Registrar


Await advise through phone call

Inform the client as soon as the decision of NSO is received

3 mins

Eliza B. Atienza
Local Civil Registrar


Receive the certificate of Finality

Release the Certificate of Finality

3 mins

Maria Teresa P. Aprecio


Receive the corrected document

Issue annotated document

10 mins

Eliza B. Atienza
Local Civil Registrar