Provision of Thermal Fogging

FRONTLINE SERVICE        :         Provision of Thermal Fogging
ABOUT THE SERVICE      : One of the activities of the Municipal Government in preventing the occurrence of Dengue cases is the thermal fogging of public schools, day care Center and other government buildings. Private schools, business establishments, households and the Barangays may avail of the free service but should provide the needed chemical and fuel.
Service Schedule                   : As scheduled by the MHO and as per request of the Barangays and other concerned individuals.
Requirements and fees       : Letter Request duly approved by the Municipal Mayor


The Client Shall

The Service Provider Shall

Duration of Activity

Name of Service Provider


Submit approved letter-request

Receive, schedule and record the request

10 minutes

Elmer D. Miguel
Ferdinand T. Felipe


Instruct the client to clean the area to be fogged before the scheduled date
Thermal fog the area

2 minutes


Await visit of thermal fogging team


30 minutes to 1 hour