Permit for Fund Raising


FRONTLINE SERVICE : Granting Permit for Fund Raising/Solicitation

ABOUT THE SERVICE  :  Persons, corporations, clubs, organizations or associations who intend to solicit or receive contributions for charitable, public welfare or conduct Fund – raising activities require a Mayor’s permit to do so.


-Indorsement of Barangay Chairman/School Head
-List of Officers and Members of the organization
-Resolution of the Organization (can be secured from the Office of the Mayor)
-Application for solicitation permit to be attached with 1x1 ID picture of the applicant
-Financial Statement of previous activity
-Minutes of the meeting attested by head of organization
-O.R. for P 100.00
-Sample envelope or solicitation letter

Service Schedule     :    Monday to Friday 08:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM)

Fees to be Paid    :    P 100.00 to be paid at the MTO


the Client Shall

The Service Provider Shall

Duration of Activity

Name of Service Provider


Submit letter request to Mayor’s Office-Administrative Division

Receive the letter request from the applicant and provide a list of documents needed

5 mins

Jonathan Tolentino

Alvin Duldulao

Endorse the letter of the client to the Division concerned (MSWDO)

2 mins

Nilo V. Tejada  
Admin. Officer


Receive the endorsed letter and bring to the MSWDO





Jesanie Gayya



Give back the papers to the Administrative Division

Review and prepare the permit and forward to the Mayor for signature

3 mins

Nilo V. Tejada
Admin. Officer V

Sign the permit

5 mins

Erdio E. Valenzuela Municipal Mayor


Receive permit

Release permit

2 mins

Jonathan Tolentino

Alvin Duldulao


Register tickets at the MTO

Advise client to register tickets at the MTO

10 mins

RCC Personnel