Issuance of an Owner's Copy



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FRONTLINE SERVICE   : Issuance of an owner’s copy of updated Tax
Declaration if the lot is subdivided / consolidated.

ABOUT THE SERVICE                 

The Office of the Municipal Assessor issues updated Tax Declaration for subdivided / consolidated lots. Subdivisions / consolidation of real properties result into updating of Tax Declaration’s. The service enables the owner to acquire a copy of the updated Tax Declarations.


Duly Annotated Deed of Conveyance, Photocopy of subdivision/consolidation plan
*Certified photocopy of title (if titled)
*Deed of partition
* transfer tax receipt
*Realty tax receipt (current year)

Service Schedule  : Mondays to Fridays  (8:00 am to 12:00 noon, 1:00 pm to 5:00pm)



The Client Shall

The Service Provider Shall

Duration of Activity

Name of Service Provider


Submit documents for evaluation

Evaluate documents submitted

5 mins

Daisy D. Ballesteros
Yolanda N. Batallones

Endorse documents to the Tax Mapping division
-Plot the division consolidation plan on the tax map
-Assign Property Identification no. on the tax map an subdivision/Consolidation plan.

1 hour

Wilhelm I. Tolentino
Darwin G. Calaoagan

Prepare the following:
-Field appraisal and Assessment Sheets
-Tax Declaration
-Property Record Form

1 hour

Yolanda N. Batallones
Daisy D. Ballesteros
Wilhelm I. Tolentino
Darwin G. Calaoagan

Verify, review and sign the updated record

10 mins/Tax
Declaration and FAAS

Epitacio G. Aquino
Municipal Assessor

Endorse documents for approval at the Provincial Assessor’s Office Laoag City

7 working

Epitacio G. Aquino
Municipal Assessor


Receive updated TD

Update and encode files approved documents Release updated TD

2 mins

Jane P. Udtohan
Daisy D. Ballesteros
Yolanda N. Batallones