Operation of the Slaughter House


                                        Operation of the Slaughter House


-Performs ante-mortem inspection of Slaughter animals and post-mortem examination of their carcasses, organs and parts.
-Conduct post-abattoir inspection.


-Ensures the production of clean meat through the enforcement of approved and proper meat handling practices in Slaughter House, meat transport and meat markets.

-Enforces the humans Slaughtering techniques or practices on food animal in the abattoir.

-Inspect or verifies relevant documents (Shipping Permit, Veterinary Health Certificate, Certificate of Ownership and/or transfer, Slaughter Permit) of food animals presented for Slaughter.

-Maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene in the use of proper attire among Slaughter house workers and proper use of amenities.

-Supervise pre-abattoir cleaning and disinfecting of Slaughter house premises, and equipments.

-Ensures the proper disposal of condemned carcasses, organs and parts by open kettle rendering if not affected by any dangerous animal disease, the condemned shall be buried deep in the ground with the application of time.

*Accomplishes properly all prescribe report forms of the NMIS and submits hem regularly at the end of the month.

-Reports immediately the presence of reportable disease (FMD, Hog Cholera, etc.) Director of the Executive Inspection Services.

-Helps in animal quarantine work that may be instituted by the agency concerned during outbreak of reportable animal and poultry disease by regulating the entrance and exit of live animals and carcasses to and from the Slaughter house.

-Conducts and/or assist in animal disease surveillance intelligence among Slaughter animals kept in holding pens and linage of the Slaughter house and to perform other related duties as may be required from time to time.

REQUIREMENTS      :  Slaughter Permit                      P 30.00/cattle, P 25.00/hog
Certificate of Ownership        P 72.00 - branding      

Certificate of Transfer            P 50.00 – transfer
Ante-mortem Inspection       P   5.00
Post-Mortem                            P 25.00/kilo    

Service Schedule   :   10 pm to 4 am, 12 am to 6 am,  anytime, as needed


The Client Shall

The Service Provider Shall

Duration of Activity

Name of Service Provider


Present Slaughter Permit

Inspect and Verifies the Permit

As needed

Jesse Nacnac


Present Certificate of Ownership of Large Cattle /

Inspect and Verifies the Permit

As needed

Jesse Nacnac


Present the Food animal for Ante-mortem Inspection

Inspect if there’s a sign of disease

As needed

Jesse Nacnac


Present Carcasses and organs for Post-mortem

Inspect and passed carcasses/organs fit for human consumption.
Condemned and burn carcasses/organs not fit for human consumption.

As needed

Jesse Nacnac


Present meat for Post-abattoir Inspection

Inspection for any Hot meat and any adulteration of the meat

As needed

Jesse Nacnac