Mayor JOEFREY P. SAGUID was recognized for his outstanding achievements in Public Service Leadership at the highly esteemed Philippine Public Service Leadership (PPSL) Awards 2023 – Southeast Asia Business Excellence and Outstanding Executive Awards. The award ceremony took place on June 24, 2023, at Richmonde Hotel, Ortigas.

The PPSL Award serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of exceptional individuals in the field of public service. It highlights the inspirational stories of Filipino public servants who have dedicated themselves to making a positive impact on their communities.

Mayor Joefrey P. Saguid’s exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to public service have been instrumental in driving Dingras towards remarkable progress and prosperity. Through his visionary initiatives and strong focus on good governance, Mayor Saguid has emerged as a true asset to the community, earning the trust and confidence of the people he serves.

This well-deserved recognition serves as a testament to Mayor Joefrey P. Saguid’s outstanding dedication and tireless efforts in advancing the welfare of Dingras and its residents. His visionary leadership has laid the foundation for a brighter and more promising future for the municipality.

As Mayor Saguid continues to lead with passion and integrity, it is evident that his remarkable achievements will inspire and motivate others to contribute to the betterment of their communities. His commitment to public service sets a shining example for aspiring leaders, demonstrating the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have on society.

The people of Dingras extend their heartfelt congratulations to Mayor JOEFREY P. SAGUID for this well-deserved recognition. They express gratitude for his unwavering dedication and remarkable leadership, which have undoubtedly contributed to the growth and prosperity of the municipality.