Administrative Division

This service is for students availing scholarship grants and job applicants seeking employment locally or abroad.
Mayor’s Clearance is a document that is usually availed by individuals seeking employment or registration/renewal of business, MTOP and firearms license. It certifies the requesting individual to be a resident of the municipality and a law-abiding citizen with good moral character.
Persons or organizations who intend to raise funds through solicitation from the public are required to secure Solicitation Permit from the Office of the Mayor.
Organizations may be granted permission to conduct promotional activities and use government facilities at a first come – first serve basis.

Personnel Division

This program aims to provide employment opportunity and engage young workers to serve the general public in government agencies, entities, projects and programs at the national and local level for six (6) months.
Employment with the Local Government Unit is open to all, provided that there is vacant position. Applicants should possess the minimum qualification requirements for the position applied for. Vacancies are posted on the bulletin board at the Municipal Hall and at the Civil Service Commission Provincial Field Office, and published at the CSC Bulletin for fifteen (15) calendar days.
The Municipal Government employs poor but deserving students of the locality during Summer and Holiday Season.
This program aims to help those who are underemployed, self-employed, and displaced workers of the informal sectors particularly the daily wage earners whose livelihood or income are affected by the implementation of community quarantine.
Resignation is an act of an official or employee by which he/she voluntarily relinquishes in writing his/her position effective on a specific date which shall not be less than thirty (30) days from the date of such notice or earlier as mutually agreed upon by the employee and the appointing authority. The resignation of an employee together with the supporting documents shall be submitted and reported to the Civil Service Commission.
Municipal Officials, Permanent Employees, and Punong Barangays may avail of a Travel Authority for vacation abroad. Application must be five (5) days before the travel or earlier. For vacation leave of more than thirty (30) days, employee must first seek clearance from the LGU.
Municipal Officials and Permanent Employees may avail of Leave of Absence. For vacation leave, employees must file for leave five (5) days before the anticipated start of vacation. For maternity leave, employees must file thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated start of absence. For sick leave, employees must secure medical certificate and file for the leave immediately upon returning to work.
Certificate of Employment is issued upon the request of Municipal Officials and Permanent Employees for all legal purposes.
Identification Card is issued to all officials, permanent employees, and employees under Contract of Service.
Permanent employees are required to submit their Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR) per department and Individual Performance Commitment Review (IPCR) for the first and second semester.
All Municipal Officials and Permanent Employees must submit their SALN on or before April 30 of every year.

Licensing Division

Any person who wishes to establish, operate or conduct a business, trade, or related activity must first secure a Mayor’s Permit to do so.
The Office of the Mayor – Licensing Division issues MTOP to qualified applicants. The MTOP is renewable every year.


Office of the Municipal Mayor

(077) 600-0156