Madongan Dam

offers an spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur of an artificial shower curtain, which is a remarkable sight within the municipality.

 It resembles Dingrenios’ immense drive to stand on what they believe in by showcasing experience and tradition for the improvement of agricultural production which had a great contribution to the Irrigation Policies of the country. 

Escoda museum

a native Dingrenia, is the Filipina Florence Nightingale, in recognition of her exemplary achievements and founder of Philippine Girl Scout movement.

St. Joseph CHurch

This magnificent colonial church was constructed by the Augustinian Friars and persistently stand, despite belligerent elements and war, as a picturesque reminder of the town’s 

Pikkan Falls

a simple but elegant waterfall welcoming tourist before the enormous forestry of the land

Puruganan Ancestral House

well-preserved colonial house which was used as a town hall during the Spanish.

DINGRAS: Your Dream Destination

Dingras is only a 30-minute drive from the capital of Ilocos Norte. Along the way, you will be greeted with vast fields that generously gift our people with bountiful crops. Rice, as a filipino staple food, is the main product here alongside a feast of different locally grown vegetables. Farming has not only become an occupation but has served as bond between families, clans, and comrades.

Dingras has a lot to offer. Not only are the tourist spots worthy of your visit, but also the remarkable hospitality of the people who desire nothing but your safety and comfort. Dingras is definitely your home away from home.

The Madongan Dam has catapulted Dingras to fame as it is one of the favorite summer or holiday getaways in the province because of the relaxing, invigorating and breathtaking experience one gets from its magnificent curtain falls. But for Dingrenios, there is more to
that fame.

This dam serves as one of the main water resources supplying the terrains, and with this blessing, Dingras remains formidable as the top rice-producing municipality in the province.Your
adventure would never be complete without a 20- to 30- minute trek to the majestic Dan-aw Falls located at Brgy. San Francisco. Here, you may want to commune with nature, as your feet tread
on the rocky pathway.

Aside from that Dingras is also home to well-preserved centuries-old Spanish edifices that serve as indelible reminders of it’s rich history. These houses are a symbol of our ancestors’ gallantry,
simple living, and hardwork and these are what makes our future as bright as we imagine it to be. Dingras, the best is yet come! Presently, you could behold the many ongoing developments geared towards a more progressive Dingras especially at the heart of the town.

Francisco Falls

a hidden gem of this municipality, intended for adventure-seekers who loves to trail within the wild and exciting wonders of nature beside a stream connected to the waterfalls.

Balay Dingras

this museum was constructed as a devotion to the concept of a rice miller’s house and resulted from a project 

partnership with the Philippine Rice  Research Institute (PhilRice). 

How to get there!

 Laoag International Airport serves as the main gateway to Ilocos norte. Laoag is just a 45 minute flight from Manila. By land, various Bus lines serve the Manila-Laoag Route for an 8 hour drive and from Laoag-Dingras route is just 30 minutes’ drive via jeepney. Dingras is just 25 km. East of laoag City.