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Ani Festival

annual thanksgiving celebration for the municipality’s land fertility and abundance in agricultural products, which is held every March 15-21

Run for a Cause

fund-raising event for complete school supplies of underprivileged pupils within the municipality, held day before the opening of Ani Festival and for Pabahay Project of  disadvantaged families held during the month of December

Escoda Day

the municipality together with numerous Girl Scouts celebrate September 20 as a special day in honor of the birthday of Josefa Llanes Escoda, the mother (founder) of Girl Scout of the Philippines

Josefa Llanes Escoda

a native Dingrenia, is the Filipina Florence Nightingale, in recognition of her exemplary achievements and founder of Philippine Girl Scout movement.

Church Ruins

This magnificent colonial church was constructed by the Augustinian Friars and persistently stand, despite belligerent elements and war, as a picturesque reminder of the town’s spirited Spanish-influenced past

Mass Wedding

collective free marriage ceremony funded by the government of this municipality, especially for impoverished couples.


  • The origin of the town’s name came from the legendary lovers of two rivalling tribes, Ding and Ras.
  • Founded in 1598, Dingras is one of the oldest towns in Ilocos Norte.
  • It was the sixth municipality formed by the Spanish authorities after Batac, San Nicolas, Laoag, Sarrat, and Bacarra.
  • Dingrenios are known to be Mannabungaw’s.
  • The Municipal Hall of the municipality was designed by a National Artist Ricarte Puruganan.
  • Josefa Llanes Escoda, founder of Girl Scouts of the Philippines, was born in Dingras.


Balay Dingras

this museum was constructed as a devotion to the concept of a rice miller's house and resulted from a project partnership with the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice). It bears the conservation of traditional farming equipment with the odds and ends of ancient Dingrenios.

Puruganan Ancestral House

well-preserved colonial house which was used as a town hall during the Spanish period and as headquarters by the revolutionaries during the Filipino-American War. During the World War II, it also served as headquarters by the Japanese Imperial Army, then taken over by the Filipino and American defenders, and finally by the officers of the US 13th Air Force when the war was over.

Francisco Falls

a hidden gem of this municipality, intended for adventure-seekers who loves to trail within the wild and exciting wonders of nature besidea stream connected to the waterfalls.

Madongan Diversion Dam

offers an spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur of an artificial shower curtain, which is a remarkable sight within the municipality. It resembles Dingrenios’ immense drive to stand on what they believe in by showcasing experience and tradition for the improvement of agricultural production which had a great contribution to the Irrigation Policies of the country.

Address List

  • Brgy. Madamba, Dingras, Ilocos Norte
  • +077 600 0156
  • dingrasagbiag@yahoo.com

LGU Dingras

The Rice Granary of Ilocos Norte